The First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc.

Established 1918

We recently completed our 100th year of service to the residents of the Town of Wheatfield, NY.  One hundred years of pride and professionalism as our members dedicated continuous service to our community and we look forward to the next one hundred years.  
If you have thought about volunteering but you don't know where to start, we are here to help.  On this site is an application page that you can fill out and submit.  One of our first responders would be glad to reach out to you.  We are always accepting interior and exterior firefighters, fire police, emergency medical technicians and driver/pump operators.  If you have something that would keep you from physically participating but you have a talent that would assist on our administrative side, please let us know.  We also have an auxillary that supports our fire company through fund raising and assistance on larger emergencies.  You can also contact us at our fire station by calling and leaving a message at 716-731-4848.
A Letter From Our Chief
Bergholz Fire Company Installs Officers for 2020
On Saturday February 29th, the First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc. installed their administrative and firematic officers for 2020 at the Doubletree Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY.  The list of guests included town, county and state politicians, local mutual aid fire departments (Adams, Frontier, Niagara Active, Niagara Air Reserve Fire Department, St. Johnsburg, Sanborn, Shawnee and Tri-Community Ambulance), local fire officials and the 2nd Vice President of FASNY Ed Tase Jr. helped celebrate the evening.  Our master of ceremonies, Niagara County Fire Coordinator Jonathan Schultz, entertained the crowd and helped ensure the night was a success.  Congratulations to Julie LaDuca from Holy Ghost School for being the recipient of this year's John Heuer Award for Fire Prevention (see our picture slideshow!).    
Bergholz Ladies Auxillary Installs Officers 
Celebrates 60 Years of Service
On Saturday February 29th, the ladies auxillary of the First Volunteer Fire Company of Bergholz, Inc. installed their officers.  The auxillary was recognized by the fire company for their 60 years of service to the fire company and to the community.  Also, FASNY 2nd Vice President Ed Tase Jr. was on hand to present a proclamation from FASNY recognizing the ladies on their 60 years to ladies President Jennifer Wittkowsky.  Congratulations Ladies!!!
Fireman's Association of the State of New York (FASNY)
Recruit NY Weekend
Mark your calendar as the weekend of April 25th and 26th mark the annual FASNY Recruit NY weekend.  This is your opportunity to check out your local volunteer fire department or rescue squad to see what they have to offer.  This year, we will have an open house planned for Saturday April 25th from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Wheatfield Training Facility located at 2179 River Road in Wheatfield in conjunction with the Niagara County Fire Coordinators Office. This open house will give you the opportunity to put on firefighter gear, learn a lifesaving skill, use a fire extinguisher, meet the first responders in your fire district plus much more.
Member Spotlight
Carmen Morreale
Our Member Spotlight is a way to give you a better understanding of your everyday first responder and what motivates them to serve their community.  Our next spotlight will be our Financial Secretary and our top responder for 2016 to 2019.  Carmen has been a member of Bergholz since 2014.  We hope you enjoy this segment.
Question #1 - Since you joined Bergholz in 2014 you've made quite a few calls.  Since 2017, you've responded to almost 2,500 calls.  What motivates you to give of yourself to help your community like this?
Answer - "When the tones go off I like the fact that you never know what you're going to encounter or see and it kind of drives me to help get there and make the call to help the best way I can."
Question #2 - Not many people may know that your father was the fire chief for the Niagara Falls, NY Fire Department.  When you were younger, did you want to be a firefighter like your dad and what role did he play in guiding you either towards being a firefighter or not to be a firefighter?
Answer - "That's a good question.  He kind of discouraged me from getting into the fire department and wanted me to get an education.  I went to school and graduated and went to work and after I retired I decided to try being a volunteer.  I joined about a year after my dad passed away and I think he would have liked to see that I gave it a try."
Question #3 - Our fire company is a pretty close knit group.  To you, what is the best trait a volunteer firefighter could have today?
Answer - "I think the best trait is that you're always eager to learn, study and train so you can always be prepared.  We don't always know what we are going to encounter.  We should be well trained and prepared at all times."
Question #4 - What is the one call that you have responded to that is the most memorable to you?
Answer - "I would probably say fire wise the Military Road School fire because we were there all day and it was pretty hot out.  Then we had a rain storm right after.  I remember being there for most of the day and waiting for the excavator to take care of knocking down the building. EMS wise we had an accident call where the guard rail went thought the front windshield  and went through the driver side of the car and came out the back window.  We thought when we pulled up that the person driving had expired but it had just missed her by inches and she was really shaken up.  It was amazing to see she didn't have a scratch on her."
Question #5 - What do you like the most in particular about the Bergholz Fire Company?
Answer - "I like the way everybody knows each other and everybody says hello to everybody.  We all say hi when we walk in the door and when we leave.  It's a brotherhood and everybody's willing to help you whether it's with training or doing anything outside of the fire hall.  I have met a lot of good friends here that I would've not met otherwise.  I really enjoy it here."

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