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Established 1918

We recently completed our 100th year of service to the residents of the Town of Wheatfield, NY.  One hundred years of pride and professionalism as our members dedicated continuous service to our community and we look forward to the next one hundred years.  
If you have thought about volunteering but you don't know where to start, we are here to help.  On this site is an application page that you can fill out and submit.  One of our first responders would be glad to reach out to you.  We are always accepting interior and exterior firefighters, fire police, emergency medical technicians and driver/pump operators.  If you have something that would keep you from physically participating but you have a talent that would assist on our administrative side, please let us know.  We also have an auxillary that supports our fire company through fund raising and assistance on larger emergencies.  You can also contact us at our fire station by calling and leaving a message at 716-731-4848.
Fireman's Association of the State of New York (FASNY)
Recruit NY Weekend
Mark your calendar as the weekend of April 25th and 26th mark the annual FASNY Recruit NY weekend.  This is your opportunity to check out your local volunteer fire department or rescue squad to see what they have to offer.  This year, the Bergholz Fire Company will have an open house planned for Friday April 25th from 10 AM to 2 PM.  There are many activities planned such as fire truck rides, ladder bucket rides and much more!  Further details to follow in the coming weeks so please check back periodically for updates.
Bergholz / Frontier FD's Receive AFG Air Pack Grant
Above from left to right BFC Chief Brian Kroening, BFC President Gail Carrier and BFC Asst. Chief Dave Manth
Recently, the Bergholz Fire Company in partnership with the Frontier Fire Company both of Wheatfield, NY have received through FEMA an Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) for a total of $268,000.00.  The grant was written by Bergholz Past Chief Mark Stevens with assistance from Frontier Past Chief Bruce Mack.  The grant allows the companies to purchase forty-two (42) packs and eighty-four (84) bottles with each company getting twenty-one (21) packs and forty-two (42) bottles.  After careful consideration, the companies have selected MSA (Mine Safety Appliances, Inc.) as the specified manufacturer and the G1 model as the pack.  The packs were purchased through the assistance of Churchville Fire Equipment with sales representatives Todd Wainwright and Travis Rawleigh.  
Member Spotlight
Mike Manth
Our Member Spotlight is a way to give you a better understanding of your everyday first responder and what motivates them to serve their community.  Our next spotlight will be Captain Mike Manth.  Mike has been around Bergholz ever since his dad was voted in in 2009 and has been a member since 2013.  We hope you enjoy this segment.
Question #1 - You come from a rich volunteer fire department background as a third generation firefighter with your grandfather and great uncle and your dad and uncle also firefighters.  Was there a specific point in your life where you made a decision that you wanted to be a volunteer firefighter or was it something that you've always wanted to do?
Answer - "I grew up watching my dad respond to calls knowing it was something that I would eventually like to do.  It wasn't until I responded to my first fire call that I knew I wanted the fire department to be a big part of my life.
Question #2 - Who influenced your decision to want to become a volunteer firefighter?
Answer - "From the first day in the fire department, my dad has been the biggest influence as we respond to most calls together.  He would show me the ropes.  Another big influence was Bob Stevens.  He was one of our fire police responders but he was very knowledgeable on all types of situations.  He would take the time to show me what to do after every call we responded to together."
Question #3 - Is there any call or calls that stand out in your mind where care that you provided helped make a difference in the outcome?
Answer - "As an EMT, a call that sticks out was a teenage girl having an allergic reaction to nuts.  I could see her throat closing up and she was struggling to breathe.  I gave her Epi (Epinephrine) that we use for allergic reactions and almost right away she could breathe easier and I could see her throat opening up."
Question #4 - What is something that you really enjoy about the volunteer fire service?
Answer - "I really enjoy the family atmosphere here at Bergholz.  We are a tight knit group from the top of the organization right through.  There are no clicks here and everyone here I consider family."
Question #5 - What were the circumstances behind the first call that you responded to and what happened?
Answer - "My first call was a fire alarm coming from an apartment complex.  When we got on location, it ended up being burnt macaroni and cheese in the oven.  Even though it was quickly extinguished, I remember being very exited responding to help someone."

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